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Shade Solutions by JK Studio Designs
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Motorized Solara Retractable Patio Cover

Looking for a motorized patio cover or awning that can be used for all weather conditions?

The Solara patio cover is a revolutionary product that allows the control of sunlight from full sun to completely closed, adding the benefit of full rain protection. No more worries about retracting an awning during windy conditions, the Solara has a 125 mph wind resistance. Made of sturdy, all-weather aluminum, in bronze or white, the Solara is the ideal product for the outdoors in any weather.

Shade Solutions by JK Studio Designs is the Florida Dealer for all Solara products. Check out the website of the manufacturer:

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  1. This is so cool that this is retractable! I have been wanting to get a patio cover, but I have been hesitant, since I like having the sunlight in the spring. It helps keep the patio warm even when it is cooler. However, it would be so nice to have the cover in the summer when it is really hot. I would love to look into this type of patio cover to see what the options are. I am sure it would look great on my patio, I just need to find the right one!!patio-covers/c12ql