Shade Solutions by JK Studio Designs

Shade Solutions by JK Studio Designs
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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Retractable Awnings Create 
Large Footprints of Shade!

Nothing creates outdoor shade like retractable awnings!
Everything behind the awning enjoys shade, and everything 
under the awning is protected.  This 24' awning with a 14'
projection covers all the sliding glass doors and windows 
that face the patio plus provide a shaded summer kitchen 
and outdoor dining area.  The homeowners were quoted 
as saying: "The awning exceeded our expectations!"  
Let us create a cool haven on your patio.
Call Jeff for more information: 321-431-9672


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  3. Cool Area Triangle Oversized Sun Shade Sail is such a great item for keeping the kids nice and cool. This is a very well made sun shade,and is very easy to put up and take down, making it a great item for camping and even picnics. I love how fast it is to put up because I can easily put it up for my little ones in no time at all. This shade seems like is would last for a good long time, and I don't really worry about taking it down during camp when it starts raining because it seems to be able to handle the weather fairly well. It's fairly big as well, so it keeps a decent amount of things in the shade.

  4. Looking for a quote on a couple 10x12 awnings.